About C2K




We believe that society is at it's best when it begins to break down walls and replace them with bridges. Our Programs are designed to bring together and build community among youth from all walks of life through their interests and avocations; further, we introduce them to mentors and opportunities in business and leadership, education and service, and help build them into tomorrow's leaders. We believe youth should experience HOPE for a bright future, regardless of circumstance! ​


Commitment 2 Kids, Inc. will build communities of youth throughout Ohio by implementing programs where necessary, and by partnering with established organizations where practical that share our view of bringing together youth of differing backgrounds with shared interests. 

We will expand our athletic programs to include more opportunities for young women in 2018. We will investigate programs in the areas of music, drama and the arts for young men and women so as to implement these before 2020. Partnering with TierOne of Lima,Ohio we will expand out outreach to native American communities in 2018. 

We will build our program endowment through donations, grants, and sponsorships so as to create an operational endowment in excess of $1,000,000 by the year 2015.  At all time we will build our outreach by attracting the best leaders and mentors available, by maintaining transparency and accountability in our business practices, and being constantly aware of our messaging to youth and our communities and supporter.