C2K Volleyball Club Meeting

Due to some new Covid-19 restrictions, we will need to conduct our C2K Volleyball Club meeting differently this season. 

We will not be permitted to do our meet and greet with our coach and teammates at this time but I can provide the general

information from our meeting.


Hello!  I’m Renee Julien, Associate Director of C2K Volleyball Club. I am here 24/7 to help you and your player  with anything to do with C2K Volleyball Club. You can contact me by phone, text or email me, 419-302-4480, rajulien@yahoo.com.  I am available most of the day and some evenings. I will return your call, text or email as soon as I see it and can answer your questions.  Text is the quickest way to contact me. I do my best to make your club experience as successful as possible. 


Here are the basics-


  • All players will need to stop at Lima Sporting Goods to be fitted for our jersey and warm-up before December 18th, 2020.  We will be using the same jersey that we used last season. If you are a returning player from last season and have your jersey from last season, you may qualify for a $50 rate reduction if you are willing to reuse the actual jersey from last season.  We will be receiving a different warmup so everyone should stop by Lima Sporting Goods to ensure the fit.  Information  about the qualifications for the credit can be found here.  

  • It is required by the OVR that all players,  parents and coaches watch the Lindsay's Law video, sign the Parent/Athlete signature Form and submit it to their club.  You can bring it to the first practice.  A link to the video is available on our homepage.  The signature form can be found here or on the Forms tab of our website.

  • The OVR requires a membership before you can participate in practice.  Membership information can be found on the OVR website ovr.org and they have just recently switched to a new system called Sports Engine (SE).  You must have a SE account to connect C2KVC membership with the OVR membership.  Bare with me as this new system has been very confusing for some.  There have been a few hiccups with the system but we are working it all out.

  • I will contact you with any missing paperwork.  A list of our required forms can be found on our Forms tab of our website.  Your player can just bring any missing  required forms with them to their first practice.  Be advised that your player will not be permitted to participate in any practice until membership requirements are met and all C2K Volleyball  paperwork is filled out and turned in.  For your convenience, you can find a C2K Volleyball Club requirement sheet here. you may find it helpful..

  • Visit our website c2kvc.com often.  Most information about our club can be found here such as the payment schedule, mailing address, coaches names, team schedules and more. Every team has their own page which contains information about your specific team including your coach, your coaches contact information, practice schedule, and tournament schedule.  You will never see your players name or any of your player's personal information on our site.  Your team's roster will be available by access code only, each team will have a different code and will be issued to ech player by their coach. We also use FB to let parents and players know when there is an update available on our website and you can use FB to contact us also. C2K Volleyball Club is still pretty new, like our C2K Volleyball Club page and share our information often to help us get the C2K Volleyball Club  name out there!

  • C2KVC News is a great way to keep up-to-date on club information. I update our website weekly during our active season, September-May.

  • We may not be able to have team pictures this season.  I will  post information on our C2KVC News page soon.

  • Lima City Schools Athletes only must verify their attendance here.


  • I am always available to receive payments at practices or I can pick-up payments by appointment only, just contact me to schedule. 


  • I am working on accepting payments by Paypal. I will post information on Paypal if I can get it approved.


  • You may also send your payment by check, made payable to C2KVolleyball Club (or C2KVC) including your players name and team in the memo line and mail to:


C2K Volleyball Club

180 N. Dana

Lima, Ohio  45804


Anything missing should be posted on our website by Monday evening. 

If you have any questions or I have forgot to include something, please contact me!

Thank you for choosing C2K Volleyball Club!1