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General Club Information



Commitment 2 Kids, Inc. is an organization that believes in creating opportunities for

our Lima area children to grow and achieve.  We are happy to become part of their organization

as we establish and build our program.


C2K Volleyball Club

Established 2017

Director-John Zell

Associate Director- Renee Julien



Our club colors are red, white and blue! We will be wearing solid black spandex

with our jersey.  Any color socks or athletic shoes are permitted, although

each team may decide to use a specific color sock as a team. Any color athletic

shoes are permitted.  Knee pads may be any color. Uniforms are required for tournament

play.  Be sure to wear your uniform to every tournament.


Club Fees 

$565 includes all coaching fees, administrative fees, facility

fees, - tournament fees, and a team jersey.

Payments are due as follows:

Initial deposit - $150  by the first week of December/Club Meeting 

Payment 1 - $215  by the first week of January                        

Payment 2 - $200  by the week of February                              

Payments can be made in cash or by check only, at any practice, or by contacting Renee Julien.

Other payment schedule options are available by contacting Renee Julien.

Checks should be made payable to:  C2K Volleyball Club

Payments can be mailed to:

180 N. Dana

Lima, Ohio  45804

Required Paperwork

The players upgraded OVR membership # is required as well as the following forms. 

Player Registration Form

Medical Release Form

Player Contract

Lindsay's Law Signature Form

If you have previously submitted these forms to our club at tryouts or during the current season,

you do not need to resubmit them.  I will contact you if they are needed.  If you did not attend the

C2K Volleyball Club meeting, please print and complete the Player Contract and the

Lindsay's Law form. They will be collected at our 1st practice.

All required C2K Volleyball Club forms can be found under the FORMS tab or here.


Practices begin the first Sunday in January unless it is a holiday at which point it would

begin the following Sunday.  They continue each Sunday in January and Ffebruary until tournaments begin, usually in March.  Once tournament season begins we change the practice schedule to accommodate each team.  Each team has the opportunity to practice twice a week.  The practice times and days are adjusted to the availability of coaches and players but usually run 2 weeknights for an hour and a half, up to 2 hours each.  Our practices will be held at Lima Senior High School, and/or Lima West Middle School unless notified by your coach of another location.
Practice times, days and/or locations are scheduled by individual team and may change to

accommodate the team. All of our practice sessions are closed.  No parents, siblings or others are permitted to attend.  Players must be picked up from practice within 15 minutes of the scheduled end time.  



Tournaments are held at various locations throughout the Ohio Valley Region, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia. C2K Volleyball Club schedules most of our tournaments within a 60-90 mile radius of Lima.  Occasionally it may be necessary to travel a little farther.  We do not schedule any tournaments more than 2 hours away unless specifically requested, discussed and approved by the entire team, including coaches, parents, players and club director.  It is each players responsibility to arrive at each tournament at the designated time, fully prepared to play.  Each player is required to wear their team jersey and black spandex or athletic shorts.  Tournaments generally are an all-day event.  They begin as early as 7am and can run as late as 7pm.  Tournaments consist of pool play and bracket/tournament play.  Your team is placed in a pool of 4 teams.  They will play up to 3 pool matches to determine your position in a bracket.  During pool play you will continue to play on the same court for all 3 matches.  Once your position is determined your team will be placed in the appropiate bracket. 1st and 2nd go to Gold, 3rd goes to Silver and 4th is the Bronze bracket.  You may need to move to another court or you may stay on the court you played on for pool play. Once you start playing in your bracket, you play until you lose.  Once you team has lost your team will be required to "work" meaning cover the Jr. officiating duties for the next game; line judge, scorekeeping, down ref/R2, and book. All players must participate and will take turns doing all 4 - Jr. officiating duties.  All players must complete the Jr, officiating modules before tournaments begin. The modules are available on the OVR website and are required of all players in the OVR.


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