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2020-2021 C2K Volleyball Club Tryout Information 


 $20 C2K Volleyball Club Tryout Fee

Register for our C2K Volleyball Club/tryouts here 

10's-12's       Sunday, 10/25/2020       2pm-4pm

10's-12's       Sunday, 11/01/2020        4pm-6pm

13's-14's        Sunday, 11/01/2020        2pm-4pm

13's-14's        Sunday, 11/08/2020       4pm-6pm

15's-16's        Sunday, 11/08/2020       2pm-4pm

15's-16's        Sunday, 11/15/2020       4pm-6pm

17's-18's        Sunday, 11/15/2020       2pm-4pm

Please wear a mask upon entering the building.

You may remove your mask as you participate.

You may wear a mask during tryouts if desired.

Hand sanitizer will be available.

No spectators will NOT be permitted.

Parents/guardians will be permitted during check-in only.


Register for our C2K Volleyball Club/tryouts here

And bring with you: 

A Medical Release Form

Your OVR Membership #

A refillable Water Bottle

Knee Pads

 Limited Medical Release Forms will be available on site.

Please print the form and bring it with you to tryouts.

An OVR Membership # is required to participate.

Visit ovr.org for more information on OVR membership. 

Hope to see you there!!!



For the latest information, visit the OVR website.



All practice and tournament play has been suspended until further notice. 

We will pass along pertinent information as it becomes available.

A message on the subject from the OVR can be found here.



All practice and tournament play has been suspended until further notice. 

We will pass along pertinent information as it becomes available.

A message on the subject from the OVR can be found here.


As tournament season continues, all team practice will remain at Lima Sr. until further

notice.  Good luck to all of our teams, coaches and players competing this weekend at tournaments.


Tournament season is in full swing, 5 of our 6 teams have had a tournament. 

Great playing!  Good luck to all of our teams, coaches and players that will play next weekend.


Picture Day

Picture day was a huge success!!!  Thanks to Jeff Jolliff Photography and

his awesome assistant, our picture day went very smoothly.  So much that we ran ahead

of schedule. Thank you to my volunteers, well done. NOTE - Picture money is due Monday,

March 2nd, 2020. Checks or cash only. Checks should be made payable to Jeff Jolliff.


Our weeknight practices begin Monday March 2 and will be held

at Lima Sr, 7pm - 9pm. I will be available at every Monday night practice to collect any payment such as club fees, (This Monday only - OVR Championship money and forms, and picture money.) The OVR form and money is due at practice Monday, it is the deadline for OVR's.

Monday, March 2, will be the last time I will be collecting OVR forms and money. 



Due to unforeseen circumstances, our picture day was rescheduled for

Sunday, February 23, 2020, and will be held at West Middle School.  There will be 2 courts

set up.  1 court available for reviewing procedures and lineups, 1 court for

the 16's/17's specifically.  The 2-14's, 13's and 12's teams will share the other court to

review lineups, subbing and libero procedures and prepare  for their upcoming tournaments.

Picture times are as follows:

17's Kuhn           2:00pm  

16's  Thomas    2:20pm  

14's Allen          2:40pm   

14's Williams    3:00pm   

13's White        3:20 pm

12's Jordan    3:40pm


We will be taking our club pictures on Sunday, February 16th at our regular 2 pm

practice time. We will start with the a picture of the entire club and then the team photos.  Starting

with the17's we will take individual photos.  There will be 2 options for individual pictures. 

The price list can be found here. 



Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!!!


Don't forget to change your club to C2K!


First Practice

We hope everyone had a happy holiday season.

Great first practice everyone. See you next week!



We begin our practice season Sunday, January 5, 2020.  All 6 of our teams will practice

at Lima Senior High School  in the main gym, from 2pm - 4pm. 



Merry Christmas

Required Paperwork

The players upgraded OVR membership # is required as well as the following forms. 

Player Registration Form

Medical Release Form

Player Contract

Lindsay's Law Signature Form

If you have previously submitted these forms to our club, you do not need to resubmit

them.  I will contact you if they are needed.  If you did not attend Sundays

meeting, please print and complete the Player Contract and the Lindsay's Law form.

They will be collected at our1st practice.

C2K Volleyball Club forms found here.



OVR Registration

We ask that you upgrade your OVR membership and change your club to C2K.

You can renew your membership or upgrade from the tryout membership here

Log in to your account. On the right side there is a link to renew.

 OR for a new membership click here. 

Fill in your information and click continue.

 Make sure to choose C2K as your club from the dropdown box. 

You can print your membership card from the member area.



Welcome to the C2K Volleyball Club 2020 season!

We had an amazing turnout for our club meeting.  Our players gathered to meet their coaches

and teammates on Sunday, December 1st. They turned missing paperwork and had the

opportunity to try-on jerseys and warmups.  The coach for each team

discussed practices and the upcoming season and the OVR Championships in May.


For Questions, call or text Renee Julien 419-302-4480

Thank you for choosing C2K Volleyball Club.